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This page is interactive, please click on the maps for further information and pictures of the various neighborhoods.

Historical Centrum


HISTORICAL CENTRE is the area within the Aurelian walls that is referred to as the historic centre.In the Centro Storico you will find properties ranging in age from the late middle-ages up to the '70s.

Due to the varied periods of the constructions, it's possible to find properties of all sizes from a studio or attic to large properties of 8 rooms or more.

Most of the properties are apartments. You can find many with balconies. Terraces are less frequent.  When  renting  very prestigiuos apartments they  often come furnished with antiques and frescoes.

Villas are extremely rare in this area.

Car Parking could be a problem.

An average unfurnished apartment

of 2 Bedrooms + Livingroom + Kitchen and WC 

could cost from 2000 € to 4500 € monthly.





Trastevere is one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Rome. The oldest buildings by the Tevere shore and still visible, are dating back to the middle ages. Today this characteristic part of the city has many pizzerias and restaurants, bars and music venues, and is a very vibrant part of the city.Moving up the Monteverde hill and along Viale Trastevere the buildings date from the 1800's. The working class standards of its buildings give the unique and picturesque flavour to Trastevere; it is full of old Trattorie and small family owned bakeries, food and retail shops. In the last decades due to  heavy immigration and the presence of foreign universities the prices for housing have risen quite high.
In this area you can find an unfurnished standard apartment of 2 Bedrooms + Livingroom + Kitchen and WC at the monthly cost from 1750 € to 2500 € .
Parking could be a problem but the proximity to the City centre makes the use of a car not necessary. 


Monte Verde


Monte Verde Vecchio is located on the hill just above Trastevere. It encompasses the very charming Villa Pamphili, Villa Sciarra and the Gianicolo park with is breath-taking view of Rome.
This area has always been residential. The buildings are of middle to high standard.  Most buildings are smaller Palazzi with court yards and trees, which give the area a very quiet atmosphere although in close proximity to the crowded Trastevere. Many of the apartments have terraces or balconies.

An average unfurnished apartment of 2 Bedrooms + Livingroom + Kitchen+ WC could cost from 1700 € to 2500 € a month. 

Some very magnificent villas houses International cultural academies and diplomatic institutions.



The Aventino is one of the seven ancient hills of Rome. This is where the first workers strike in recorded history took place. Very centrally located but at the same time secluded and quiet with lots of green areas, this neighbourhood has a very exclusive residential atmosphere. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is housed here as well as many embassies. This area is very popular with expatriates. Most of the properties have terraces or at least  balconies  surrounded by green areas. Being in proximity to International Institutions and the S. Stevens International school makes the availability of accommodations in this area limited due to high requests.
Usually you can find large accommodations here. A standard unfurnished 2 bedroom apartment could vary from 1800 € to 3500 € a month.


Celio - Colosseum


The Celio is also one of the seven ancient hills of Rome. Nicely located near "Villa Celimontana", "Colle Oppio" public parks and the City Centrum, this area feature middle-class standard apartments buildings from the late 1800's. The streetlife is busy and  there are many shops, characteristic restaurants and "Irish pubs" here.
Balconies and terraces are rare and you will find no villas in this area. Due to the proximity to the City centre, the apartments are probably a bit overpriced: for a standard unfurnished 2 bedroom apartment you could aspect to pay from 1750 € to 2500 € monthly.
Car parking could be a problem here.


Colle Oppio - Colisseum


Central but very quiet area between the Coliseum and Termini Central train station. Most apartment buidings were built in the late 1800's. Due to the period of the construction, average apartments consist of 3 or 4 rooms. Terraces are not common in this area and villas are very rare.

Most propertiers would be considered to be of middle to high standard. The area is well served by all the public transportations.

An average unfurnished apartment

of 2 Bedrooms + Livingroom + Kitchen

and WC could cost from 1800 € to 3000 € monthly.

Rione Monti


Central but quiet area between Via Nazionale, Via Cavour and Piazza Venezia. Built from the late middle-ages till the 1800's.

This area is rich with small cosy restaurants, bars and shops.

Due to the different periods of  constructions, it's possible to find properties ranging in size from studio to larger apartments made out of 4 or 5 rooms.

There are no villas in this area and terraces are rare.

Parking could be a problem. The area is well served by all the public transportations.

Middle to old Luxurious standard properties.

An average unfurnished apartment of 2 Bedrooms + Livingroom + Kitchen and WC could cost from 2000 € to 3500 € monthly.


Esquilino - Piazza Vittorio


A short walking distance from Rome main train station: Roma Termini Station this is the most multicultural area of Rome, with the most high percentage of newcomers from India, China, Africa and S. America it makes a concentrate of flavors, aromas, and cultures from all over the world. A mosaic that has slowly taken shape integrating with the Romans. The all neighboorhood is made of apartments block considered to be of middle standard, built in the late '800, their average size is about 3/4 bedrooms for 100/120 SqM. Balconies and terraces are very rare. An average unfurnished apartment of 3 Bedrooms + Livingroom + Kitchen+ WC could cost from 1750 € to 2500 € a month. The area is well served by all the public transportations but parking could be a problem.


L'orchestra di Piazza Vittorio - International band

San Lorenzo - University


Just outside the city walls near the Rome centrum Termini train station and the Via Tiburtina is San Lorenzo. In the 1880's it was a working class area of the city between warehouses and small factories. Now it is popular living area for students due to its close proximity to La Sapienza University. The area boasts numerous restaurants, clubs and bars.

An average unfurnished apartment of 2 Bedrooms + Livingroom + Kitchen and WC could cost from 1250 € to 1800 € monthly. Balconies and terraces are rare and parking could be a problem.



Central Area of Rome with buildings built from the late 1800's to the 1970s.

Middle-High to Luxurious standard properties

It's possible to find large properties of 8 rooms or more. Properties with balconies and terraces are common.  There are large parks in the vicinity. The area also houses International schools.

Villas are rare in this area. Having a car it's advisable in this neighbourhood.

An average unfurnished apartment

of 2 Bedrooms + Livingroom + Kitchen

and WC could cost from 2000 € to 4000 € monthly.

Prati - Vatican


The Rione Prati is considered one of the nicest middle-high to high standard areas of Rome.

Centrally located near the Vatican, the buildings in this area was mostly built  in the late 1800's. Some streets have smaller buildings surrounded by court yards and trees but most of the area consists of big buildings, wide streets and squares lined with trees.
Prati is a quite elegant area with  plenty of exclusive fashion shops,  bars and restaurants. The main disadvantages of living here is the 40 minutes walk to the closest public park of "Villa Borghese" and the difficulties in finding car parking.
The area is busy in the day time due to the many professional studios and shops located here, but at night time it gets very quiet. The architecture of this time provides for nice terraces although they are not so common and balconies are almost nonexistent.There are no villas in this area. A standard unfurnished 2 bedroom apartment could range from 1700 € to 3500 € monthly.