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Rome has several beautiful all-year round golf courses thanks to the ideal climate of the city. The number of golf players has increased very much over the past 10 years. The region of Lazio, (including the city of Rome), now has 22 golf clubs with more than 6000 associates. The beautiful green areas surrounding the city makes Rome an ideal destination for your golfing holiday. Combine your golf holiday here in Rome with all the historical and cultural riches the city has to offer

Via Del Babuino 162
Tel. 06 3614159

Italian List of Golf Course

Parco di Roma Golf Club


Circolo del Golf Acquasanta (1903)
Via Appia Nuova, 716/a
Te. 06/7803407
Notes: 18 Holes - s.s.s. 70

This historic golf club was the first to open in Italy. It's origins are  English. It was founded in 1903 by members of the English consulate.Many Italian aristocrats and a good number of members of the international jet set such as Gary Cooper, Bob Hope and Ingrid Bergman played at this course. Today it is one of the most prestigeous and history laden golf courses around. This course is  technically quite stimulating: It has spawned entire dinasties of Italian golf professionals: the Croce, Grappasonni, Bolognesi, Bernardini families. The natural beauty of the place is enchanting. Located in the vicinity of precious archeological sites, your  horizon will be dotted with the arches of an ancient aqueduct. In the background with the Via Appia Antica in front of you, lies the ancient tomb of Cecilia Metella, while at a certain point in the course of the game, your gaze invariably falls on the cupola of St. Peter's. Information about the course: 18 holes, 71 par, length: 5835 metres / 6381 yards. Green fee: you can play at this club Tuesdays through Fridays (call first) at 74 euro per day per person. Facilities: club house, bar, restaurant, pro shop, changing rooms, swimming pool, equipment for rent
Green fees: 35 Euros Mon-Fri, 50 Euros Sat-Sun. Accepted credit cards: none. How to get there: Depart from Rome in the direction of the Appia Nuova, and take it all the way. On your right, at No. 716/A, turn off into the road marked by a column and a stone plaque inscribed with the name of the course.

Golf Club Nettuno
Via della Campana, 18
00048 Nettuno (Roma)
Tel. 06/9819419
Notes: 18 Holes - s.s.s. 72

Golf Club Arco di Costantino
Via Flaminia, Km 15,800
00188 Roma
Tel. 06/33624440
Notes: 9 Holes - s.s.s. 60, 18 Holes - s.s.s. 72

The championship golf course of Arco di Constantino draws it's inspiration from the typical scottish natural courses.It offers many challenges. The higher handicap golfer will benefit if he remains as much as possible on the fairways .On the course you will enjoy the most astonishing views of the marvellous country-side around. Take note once you arrive at the 17th hole.You should really stop for a moment and look at the incredible panorama: Image yourself  on top of the world with the surrounding country-side receding into the far distance and in front of you Rome's skyline with the dome of St. Peter Basilica 13 km from city center.
Extra green-fee: € 50,00

Marco Simone Golf Club
Via di Marco Simone, snc
00012 Guidonia (Roma)
Tel. 0774/366469
Notes: 18 Holes - s.s.s. 64, 18 Holes - s.s.s. 73

Designed by Jim Fazio: 18 holes, mts 6,343 par 72 (hosted the Italian Open in 1993). Established in 1989 by the fashion designer Laura Biagiotti. Technically one of the best course of Italy perfect for medium-low hcp players, quite difficult not very long, luxury club house, sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, 5 tennis courts. From some holes St Peter's cupole view. 20 km from the center of Rome.
Extra day green fee: € 55,00

Olgiata Golf Club
Largo Olgiata, 15
00123 Roma
Tel. 06/30889141/2/3
Notes: 18 Holes - s.s.s. 72, 9Holes - s.s.s. 71

Designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr: 27 holes, mts 6,347 par 72 - mts 2,497 par 35 (hosted the World Cup in 1968 and 1984), established in 1961 by Prince Francesco Ruspoli di Morignano, very difficult from pro-tees, not so difficult and very interesting from amateurs-tees Beautiful course surrounded by a splendid groove in the north roman countryside where the world famous horse Ribot used to spend its winters. English countrystyle clubhouse, elegant and good restaurant, swimming pool. 30 km from the center of Rome.
Extra day green fee: € 65,00

Circolo del Golf Fioranello (1979)
Via Falcognana, 61
00040 S. Maria delle Mole (Roma)
Tel. 06/7138080, 7138058
Notes: 18 holes, 70 par, 5359 metres / 5860 yards.- s.s.s. 68

Designed by David Mezzacane: 18 holes, mts 5,417 par 70. Established in 1970 by Antonio Papa. Quite a short course for very clever golfers - otherwise you may be found in the groove - many the 'out of bounds' and natural difficulties. Perfect for medium-high hcp players, surrounded by the ancient Romans aqueduct. Located within beautiful  countryside with a  romantic clubhouse and a big winter garden, swimming pool. 25 km from the center of Rome.
Extra day green fee: € 50,00

Golf Club Parco de' Medici

Viale Parco de' Medici, 20
00148 Roma
Tel 06/6553477
Notes: 18 Holes - s.s.s. 72

It takes part of the Sheraton Golf Resort. It consist in 27 holes.18 are championship and other 9 executive. The championship course is located in front of the hotel (6.303 mts - par 71) - Arch. Peter Fazio.The executive course, 9 holes, (2.620 mts - par 34) is located on the other side. The championship course hosts every year the European Club Cup in November. The course, very well kept, is full of water hazards and has wide greens.Perfect for every kind of player: low and high handicaps will find their challenge. The club house is very elegant with a nice view.You can have a relaxing drink by the fountains on the lake in front of the club house. Swimming pool.
Information about the courses: 18 holes, 71 par, 5908 metres / 6461 yards. The second course has 9 holes, 34 par, 2620 metres / 2865 yards. Green fee: you can play at this club (send a fax first) at the 18 hole course for 60 euro per day per person Mon through Fri and 72 euro per day per person Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The green fee for the afternoon (after 3:30 pm) is 40 euro (weekdays) or 45 euro (Saturday, Sunday and holidays). The green fee for the 9-hole course is 40 euro per person per day on weekdays and 45 euro on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Afternoon green fees
(after 3:30 pm): 24 euro on weekdays and 30 euro on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Country Club Castelgandolfo
Via S. Spirito, 13 District Pavona
00040 Castelgandolfo (Roma)
Tel. 06/9312301, 9313084
Notes: 18 Holes - s.s.s. 71

Designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr: 18 holes, mts 5,855 par 72 (hosted Roman Master in 1990-91-92). Established in 1985 by Umberto Nordio (Alitalia's ex-president), very difficult green, many lakes, big bunkers, spectacular fairways, tiring, perfect for almost any kind of players, luxury clubhouse, in the 17th century residence of a noble family. Swimming pool. 30 km from Rome.
Extra day green fee: € 55,00.

Golf ClubParco di Roma
Via dei due ponti 110 (Cassia)
Tel. 06 33660931
Le Quercie Golf Club
Via Cassia (Sutri)
Tel. 06 61600789

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