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Via D Coronari is famed for its many excellent Antique stores.
Via Margutta and Via Del Babuino has a big selection of Antique stores too.

Galleria dei Coronari
Via Dei Coronari 59 (CENTRUM)
tel. 06 6869917
Antiqua Res 
Via dei Coronari 32 (CENTRUM)
tel. 06 6868298, 335 6439006
Art Deco Gallery
Via  dei Coronari 14 (CENTRUM)
tel. 06 6865330
Specialized in dec & liberty
Blu Old Sheffield
Via  dei Coronari 37 (CENTRUM)
tel. 06 6879276
Bonuccelli Marble Design
Via Babuino 25 (CENTRUM)
tel. 06 3610963
Mosaic artistic work; Antiques
Via Margutta 63 (CENTRUM)
tel: 06 3207604
Tapestry; rugs
Via  di Ripetta 224 (CENTRUM)
tel. 06 32110036
Japanese and Chinese antique closets, pieces of  Scandinavian modern art  of the years 50', 60' and 70', African, Thai, Philippine and Indonesian antique, rare contemporary furnitures 
Via Margutta 47 (CENTRUM)
tel. 06 3208282
Galleria Agostini 
Via di Monte Brianzo 80 (CENTRUM)
The galleria offers a vast selection of elegant marble sculptures and furnishings: busts, table-tops in various sizes with semi-precious materials, columns, decorations and antique reproductions.
Galleria Di Castro
Via del Babuino 71
Situated in the centre of elegant Rome, the gallery was founded at the end of the 19th Century as an antique shop. It's one of the oldest galleries of its kind in Italy. It specializes in antique prints from the 16th to the 19th century featuring Roman scenes.

Ethnic Shops & Ateliers

Apolloni W Galleria Antichita'
Via Del Babuino 133/134 (CENTRUM)
tel. 06 36002216
Via Belsiana 86 (CENTRUM)
tel. 06 6783210
Di Castro
Piazza Di Spagna 5
tel. 06 6792269
Via del Boschetto 4 (MONTI)
tel: 06 47825539
Alinari - Edizioni Fotografiche Artistiche
Via Alimbert 16
tel. 06 6792923
Costa - Curiosita' Liberty 
Via Urbana 21 (MONTI)
tel. 06 4819379
Via Urbana 124  (MONTI)
tel. 06 4741257
Borgo Vittorio 93 (PRATI)
tel. 06 6869150
Restore workshop & Antiques
Dragonfly Arte
Via Valadier 53 (PRATI)
tel. 06 3244411
Corrado Mario Galleria D'Arte
Via G.G. Belli 53 (PRATI)
tel: 06 3226823
Savelli - Mosaics
Via Del Sant'Uffizio 27 (CENTRUM)
tel. 06 6547017