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Adult Night Clubs

La Luna

Via Tiberina Km.10,800- Roma

340.0747950 - 349.6170916 - 06.90819665


Boite Pigalle

Via dell'Umiltà 77 (CENTRUM)


Famous night club in French style, in the heart of Rome close to Trevi Fountain. 2 strip tease shows between midnight and  2:00. Warm atmosphere and soft lights with international Stars.

Closed on sund.



Via Prato della Corte 1511 . (CASSIA)

Tel. 0633616997 – 340-7809548

Private club for couples and singles, the largest screen in Europe. Open every night. Friday and Saturday there is a party for couples and a buffet dinner for everyone. Sunday there is a Sexy Sunday for nudists and couple exchanges. Monday theres a Slip party and a trip as a prize for the best imagination.

Tuesday there's  fetish and sadomaso.


Armony club

Via Concordia 44 (Piazza Zama - S. Giovanni)

A famous Private Club situated in the S. Giovanni. The Club is divided into several sections, a discoteque, a sex zone erotic show and a dark room…and free open bar.



Via dei Quattro Cantoni, 5 (Esquilino)

Tel.: 06.4828820

Soft lights, sofas and hardcore video on maxiscreen all evenings. There is a dark room and two bars, coming down some stairs you find three rooms where life shows are performed. Friday is a fixed appointment with a male stripper.

Open every day from 22.30 to 03.00

Piano Forte

Via Campea,71 S.Lucia di Mentana - RM -  Tel. 06 86897836

This is one of the most active private clubs of the circuit. Soft atmosphere, to make everyone feel relaxed. A discotheque area with a piano in the centre which gives the name to the club where you can try your first approaches. The most intriguing part of the club is a labyrinth, with separate lounges divided off by curtains. You can look and even participate if you are invited.


Gender Fetish Club 

Via faleria 9 (S. Giovanni) Tel. 06/70497638

A club with a fetish style, for all those who feel free from taboos.

Here you can circulate undistrurbed from private lounges and dark rooms.


New Age

Via Olevano Romano, 195 tel: 06 2158011
Sex club for the young with erotic show, hard party and sex ...


Fata Morgana

Via Nettunense, 15 (Ariccia) Tel: 0347/ 6115992 - 347 6165072

Villa with all the comforts. Also rooms with certain gay situations, couches with camera. Open Friday to Saturday.


Babilonia Club Privé

Via Mazzamagna 58 Marino (Rm) Tel 338 6692042 – 06 93547816

3 storey Villa with bar, music and discoteque with table dance and dance in cages. A dark room is at the disposal of the clients and  private rooms. Dinners and buffet. In summer they offer an erotic terrace.

Closed on Sunday.


Gay & Lesbians Clubs



Via Monte Testaccio 44 -Open Thursday to Sunday.

Historical gay club in the capital, which has a mixed clientele, gay, bisex and trans and large heterosexual following. Nice music, two floors, with a large terrace for summer nights.


Via di Portonaccio 212.

At the disco Qube. It is a club which has seen better days in its history, very characteristic and very much loved for its ambience with a loft, recycle and industrial. Traditionally the events  take place only on Friday except for extra appointments (Halloween, Wordl Day for the fight against Aids, New Years, Once Night preholiday).


Gay Village - (Testaccio)

Open air Disco & Bars - only in the summer until september


Bibelot - cocktail bar

Via Gino Capponi 45

Mon. only women


Black betty

r&b gay night c/o Balic

Via degli Aurunci, 35

Tel. 347 2445810


Classico Village

Via Libetta, 3

Tel. 06 5742693


Coming Out

birreria cocktail bar

Via san Giovanni in Laterano, 8

Tel. 067009871


Garbo – pub

Vicolo di Santa Margherita, 1/A

Tel. 0658320782


Giardino dei ciliegi

Via dei Fienaroli, 4

Tel. 065803424


Gender - hard & art club

Via Faleria, 9 (San Giovanni)

Tel. 067025829


Hangar - american bar

Via in Selci, 69

Tel. 0648813971


Il Diavolo Dentro - bar cruising

Largo itri 23/24


Incognito 2000

Via Casilina vecchia



In vino veritas - vineria e snack

via Garibaldi, 2a

Tel. 3471947580


K Men's Club - leather bar –

Via Amato Amati, 6/8

Tel. 3476220462


Mantra – disco

Only wed.

Via Galvani, 22


Max's Bar - disco bar –

Via Achille Grandi, 3A

Tel. 0670301599


M.o.m. - c/o sonar club


Via dei Conciatori 7c, (piramide)

Tel. 338 8027317


Queer - c/o Piper

Via Tagliamento, 9

Tel. 347 9156414 392 2028500


Side Meeting Point - pub

Via Labicana 50

Tel 3486929472



Piazza M. Fanti, 40

Tel. 064441312


Skyline – pub

Via degli Aurunci, 26/28

Tel. 064441417



Agedo - c/o Mario Mieli Tel. 065413985 lun-sab 17.00-19.00

Archivio "Massimo Consoli" - Via Einaudi, 33 Tel. 0693547567

Arcigay "Ora" - Via Goito, 35b Tel. 3403475710 e-mail

Arcilesbica Roma "Arci come voi" - V.le G. Stefanini, 15 Tel. 064180211 e-mail

Arcitrans "Libellula 2001" - Via dei Mille,6 c/o cesv linea trans Tel. 064463421 e-mail

Centro Interreligioso Arcobaleno - Tel. 3394277723

Circolo Mario Mieli - Via Efeso, 2/a Tel. 065413985 e-mail e

Coordinamento glbt uaar (unione degli atei e degli agnostici razionalisti) -

Coordinamento Lesbiche Italiane - Via San Francesco di Sales, 1/A Tel. 066864201

Coordinamento Lesbiche Romane - Via San Francesco di Sales, 1/A Tel. 066864201 e-mail

Dì gay project - Via Giulio Rocco, 59 Tel. 065742693 e-mail

Epicentro Ursino Romano - - movimento dei forum sociali - Piazza G.G. Belli 9e (ogni mercoledì dalle ore 18.00 alle ore 20.00)
cell: 3474502150

Gruppo pesce gay e lesbico Roma - Tel 3337644811

Leather Club Roma - Tel. 3384230118 e-mail

Nuova Proposta - Gruppo di gay e lesbiche credenti Tel. 347 8100824 e-mail

Refo (rete evangelica fede omosessualità) - Via Dionigi, 59 Tel. 3395011218

Settore gay lesbiche ENS (Ente Nazionale Sordomuti) - e-mail:

Ufficio Nuovi Diritti CGIL Nazionale - Corso Italia, 25 Tel. 068476390 e-mail

Ufficio Nuovi Diritti CGIL Lazio -


Luna e l'altra - Only Women Restaurant

International Women House - Hostel

Gay Theatre Review at 'Teatro Belli'


Saunas &...


Estasia Excess

Fr. & Sat.

Via Ombrone – Parioli

Tel. 068558398


Terme di Roma

Via Persio 4

Tel. 067184378


Apollion Bath

Via Mecenate, 59/A

Tel. 064825389


Balnea Club

Via dei Pescatori 495 (Axa - Casal palocco)

Tel. 06.52310620 - +39.338.8658935 - +39.346.3658804


Europa Multiclub

Via Aureliana, 40

Tel. 064823650



Via Pasquale Villari, 3

Tel. 0677205934

Via Galletti 13 - Trastevere
Olimpo Club

Roma Aurelia Km 33,300 (OUT GRA)

Tel. 06 99271230


Blue Moon

Via dei Quattro Cartoni (CENTRUM Via Cavour)

Tel 06-4743936

This is the only erotic theatre of Eva Henger in the Capital.

Every day the porno stars of his club give shows in live dance, table dance and lap dance as well as showing video projections.

Hours 16.00 – 1.00 am


L'Araba Fenice

781, Via Della Gustiniana (CASSIA)

tel: 06 30362835

A three storey villa which is immersed in a park. It has a Bar, a lounge and six bedrooms which are elegantly furnished and very hospitable,

even though it is less mysterious than other Private Clubs of this kind



Via S.Giovanni in Laterano 81, Tel.06.70450455.

Style “Belle époque”

Open man. – sat


Colosseum Club Priveè

17, v. Verri  tel.: 06 7096055

strip-tease night club


Royal Club Priveè

A1 Highway exit - Fiano Romano

Industrial compound "Prato della Corte"


Villa Gioconda

Sex health club

Casal Palocco


Discoteca SKYLINE donna solo donna
Via degli Aurunci 26 (S. Lorenzo)
Giov. 21.30-02 Tel. 06 4440817
Via dei Sabelli 101
Venerdi dedicato alle donne, musica dal vivo
Via Sirte 5 Dalle h 22, solo donne

Via Giacomo Ciamician 75/77
Tel 06.407.39.29
Giovedi solo donne, h 21 musica, biliardo, dolci e crepes
Via Sommelier 7
Mercoledì solo donne

Coordinamento Lesbiche Romane


Only Women Web Com

Books & Sex Shop

Libreria Babele - Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 116 Tel. 066876628

La Bancarella - P.zza Alessandria, 2 Tel. 068530371

Libreria Rinascita - V. delle Botteghte Oscure, 1 Tel. 06679746

Sex Shop

Afrodisiaca - via Aversa 34 tel. 0645424927

Beautiful - Vai A. Neroni, 9 Tel. 066140422 - Tel. 0661520079 Viale Palmiro Togliatti 1561 tel. 064078636

CNV s.r.l. via della VII Corte 4/6 tel. 065897002

Cobra 01100 - Viterbo (VT) via Enrico Fermi tel. 0761346289

Follie d'amore - Via Cavour, 323 Tel. 0669924372

Il Capriccio Sexy Shop - Roma (RM) via Zuccoli 63 tel. 0687137352

Red Passion 00010 - Fonte Nuova (RM) via degli Abeti 12-14 tel. 0690023982

Rouge et Noire - Roma (RM) via G.B. Ferrari 17 tel. 065214484

Sexy Shop Moment D'Amour 04100 - Latina (LT) SS 148 Pontina tel. 0773258350

Sexy Moon - Via Nobel, 38 Tel. 065594376

Studio know how - solo gay e lesbico - Via di san Gallicano, 13 Tel. 0658335692

Tentazione Sexy Shop - Roma (RM) viale Giustiniano Imperatore 179 tel. 065414570

Video Max - Roma (RM) via Conte di Carmagnola 12 tel. 06273286