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Phone Centera - Internet Pointa & Self-Service Laundries in Rome

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Self - Service Laundries - Internet Point and Phone Centers in Rome quiet recent shops are very handy for tourist and short term residents. Some are combinted with self-services laundries and phone centers where we advice to buy international phone cards. Most of them are located in the City centrum and nearby place of interest for foreigners like languages schools, International schools, University or Institutions.

Phone Rental EUROLINE 
Via Bettolo 6 (Prati)
Tel. 06 3720700


Internet Hot spot

Food & Drinks

Via di S. Dorotea TRASTEVERE

Tel 06 97277979

Phone Center - Internet Point- Self Laudry
Via S. F. a Ripa 62 (Trastevere)
Tel. 06 5577950, 348 3718293, 349 1647723
Easy Internet Cafè
Piazza in Piscinula 15 (Trastevere)
Via Barberini, 2/16 (Centrum)
Studio 5 web
Vicolo del 5 30/a (Trastevere)
Tel. 06 5814797
Internet Point
Fedex & money gram
From h 8 to 24
Piazza Sonnino 27 (Trastevere)
Tel. 06 5833 3316
Phone Centre - Internet Point
Via Dè Cestari 33 (L.go Argentina - Centrum)
Tel. 06 6867948
Internet Cafè
Largo Arenula 21 (L.go Argentina - Centrum)
Tel. 06 45471296
Rimanet Cafè
Via Portico d'Ottavia 2/a (L.go Argentina - Centrum)
Tel. 06 68891356
Abscir Dore Abdi Nasir
Phone Centre
Via Dei Falegnami 5 (L.go Argentina - Centrum)
Tel. 06 68392103
Phone centre
Viale Trastevere 320 / 260
Trevinet Pl@ce
Internet point
Via in Arcione 103 (Piazza Navona - Centrum)
Tel. 06 69 92 23 20
Internet poin & money exchange
Largo Sant'Andrea della valle
(Piazza Navona - Centrum)
Abdul Rashid
Phone Centre
Via Celimontana 36 (Celio - Centrum)
Tel 06 77591860, 06 77591836
The Netgate
Piazza Firenze, 25 (Centrum - Pantheon)
Tel. 06 6893445
Internet point - Roma Souvenirs
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 312
Tel. 0668308823
Internet Cafè
Via Cavour, 213 (Monti)
Tel. 0647823051
Via dei Gracchi, 85 (Prati)
Tel. 06 3227161
Phone Centre - Internet Point - Fax Service
Piazza  Epiro 1 (San Giovanni)
Tel. 06 77250036
Nauta Cafè
Via Fiume delle Perle 114 (EUR - Torrino)
Tel. 06 52 27 23 77
Acqua Wash
Via Tembien 35 (Salario - V.le Etiopia)
Tel. 06 8606539
American Laundry
Via Rialto 9 (Vatican)
Tel: 06 39745201
Via Degli orti della farnesina 104 (Farnesina)
Tel. 06 36307906
Via Porta Carlo 5 (Trastevere)
Tel: 06 97255207, 06 58301830