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The City of Rome and his  Province is the largest town in Italy this means large Suburbs and many sourronding villages.


The City centrum developped during the century appears as a conglomerate of small-town with their own spirit.


Therefore, despite the traffic and noise  Rome doesn't seem like a modern occidental metropolis but a small provincial town.

In this section we want to give you a quick taste of the most popular neighborhoods of Rome. By checking the differents areas you will notice that the rental costs are generally quite high in the Centre and will become more moderate the further out you go.
This page is interactive, please click on the maps for further information and pictures of the various neighborhoods.



Many expatriate families are living in this side of Rome due to the several international schools (New School, American Overseas School of Rome, St Georges British International, Marymount) and the possibility to find new confortable as large apartments and detached houses relativelly at good prices. The Cassia area is qiet and green and here are several shopping centres, family own shops, sport compounds and a golf course, but the car traffic in rush hours is very intense and it could take more than 1 hour to get to the City centrum.


Closest to the City centrum is the middle-upper commercial area of San Giovanni in Laterano well connected by the metro line and public buses. Properties are also of a middle range but parking is limited. The most popular south area of the city is the Appia Antica where you can find  exclusive villas with gardens and swimming pools, few minutes drive from city centrum and the International school of St. Stephen and the FAO are near but too few public transport.


This section includes the historical Roma's seven hills. It's a large area of Rome where most tourist actractions, exclusive boutiques, designer shops, night clubs and the top range hotels are located Due to the large extention of Rome's historical centrum and to the car traffic restrictions it's also possible to find very qiet residencial areas with tree-lined streets such like Aventino, Prati, Parioli and Monteverde. The international schools and Universities like St. Stephens, AMBRIT, John Cabot and American University are sited here making convenient for many expatriate families living and getting the full taste of the Roman life and culture


The west is the side toward the sea shore and Fiumicino Rome's main airport. The EUR, well connected to the City centre by the metro line B, is made of office buildings, apartment blocks and pleasant residential areas  in the fascist style. Supermarkets and sport and recreational centres are available. Further toward the sea at about 8 Km is Casal Palocco, with detached and semi-detached villas. Many supermarkets and sport and recreational centres are available. In this areas is placed the Sothlands International School and it makes convenient for those working at the several companies placed at EUR and the Fiumicino airport.


This part of Rome includes the areas of Nomentano, Salario and quartiere Trieste. Well connected with public bus and close to the centre, the upper-middle class apartments, the several embassies and the Nomentana Junior School (St Georges) situated here makes the area convenient to many expats families.




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